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On The Land Media was created to center Indigenous voices and our experiences on the land. Our being is rooted in our relationship to the land despite generations of attempted and forced genocide, removal, and assimilation. On The Land offers a contemporary understanding of what it means to be Indigenous and live in relation to what is often known as the “outdoors” or “the wild.”  


In this time of political and climate insecurity, On The Land allows us the space to explore our relations to the land as it shifts and readjusts under the pressures of man-made climate change.

What happens when fisheries move north due to higher water temperatures for subsistence and commercial users alike? How will heavier rains and variable snowpack impact everything from climbing and skiing to whaling and caribou harvest?

What does it mean to be an Indigenous person grappling with and defending the land from the village, the rez and the city, to Washington, D.C and the United Nations? And how will we grapple with movement across imposed borders related to continuous colonization, imperialism, and climate displacement?

On the Land highlights our knowledge systems, our inherent athleticism, and our interdependent, consensual relationships and entangles the past, present, and future to tackle difficult discussion surrounding access to land, water, and air and our futures as people of this earth.

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