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On The Land Consent Form

Audio Recording


On The Land is a podcast created to center Indigenous voices and our relationships and experiences with the land, water, and air. Our being is rooted to each despite generations of attempted and forced genocide, removal, assimilation and colonization. On The Land offers a contemporary understanding of what it means to be Indigenous and live in relation to what is often known as the “outdoors” or “the wild.” In this time of political and climate insecurity, On The Land allows us the space to explore our relations to the land as it shifts and readjusts under the pressures of man-made climate change.



There has been many years of neglect of protocol in technological media spaces and the written word resulting in a long line of stolen stories and songs. On The Land understands that often our voices as Indigenous Peoples have not been recognized, heard, or recorded accurately by the media, textbooks, anthropologists and scientists. This has been reflected in past policies that diminish our rights to access clean water, air, and and and continue our interspecies relations. On The Land seeks to subvert the colonial modes of knowledge production and acquisition. We thereby see this process as a collaboration between On The Land and Storytellers.

We uphold the right of every Storyteller to...

-       Have access to and co-create guiding questions before recorded conversation and edit            as see fit

-       Have access to raw recorded materials and raw transcript 

-       Work with On The Land to edit their materials to whatever capacity they see fit

-       Review the edited materials before the release of the podcast

-       Withdraw their consent at any point in the process

If there is something missing from this list that you would like see reflected please email us at


-       On The Land will be made accessible on a number of audio platforms including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, Patreon, and on On The Land’s personal website

-       The Storyteller will provide a bio and any photos that they wish to be featured alongside their episode for the website and has the option to post additional written materials or feature artwork on their Storytellers page on the platform.

-       On The Land will be able to use any photographs, materials, and audio recordings gathered and collaborated on with the Storyteller to promote the podcast on social media with consent.

-       On The Land will compensate at an agreed upon rate based off of current funding through grants and fundraising. This price will be negotiated ahead of time. 

On The Land has consent to record my voice for the storytelling purpose of the podcast


We have deep gratitude for your time and story and look forward to the liberation of all peoples through the raising of our collective voices.

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