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Deenaalee (Koyukon Dené)

standing at 20,310 ft above sea level, is the tallest mountain on Turtle Island (North America).  Athabaskan Peoples across Alaska have ties to the mountain which can be seen across our territories.


Deenaalee was first summited by Walter Harper in 1913. Harper was Koyukon Dené and the first recorded Alaskan Native "Mountaineer." 
We draw on Deenaalee to ground us to the land. 

Behind the Logo



The Tavash (Deg Xinag) or Ulu, Inuktitut syllabics: ᐅᓗ, is an all-purpose knife used across areas of the circumpolar north. The Tavash is traditionally a womxn's knife, used to scrape animal skins, cut up meat, and assist in sewing projects.


The Tavash represents the ingenuity of our peoples to live and thrive through adaptation and resourcefulness. 





The Carabiner

As fisherpeople, climbers, and mountaineers we recognize and revere the connecting power of the carabiner. As people who are looking to make links between policy, advocacy, our indigenous ways of knowing and western scientific models of understanding, the carabiner embodies the tangibility of our connection. 

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