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who we are 


DEENAALEE [creative host] 

Deenaalee Hodgdon is Deg Xit’an Athabaskan and Supiaq from the villages of Gitr’ingithchagg (Anvik) and Qinuyang (South Naknek), Alaska.


Descended from fishing people, Deenaalee continues their relationship to the water as a subsistence and commercial fisherman on the F/V Cozy Ray, and in their work with the Business for Conservation and Climate Action. They are the Arctic Athabaskan Council's Youth Representative to the Arctic Council's Youth Permanent Participant Network and part of the Radical Imagination 2020-2021 Cohort through NDN Collective.


Deenaalee hold their Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in public policy, food sovereignty, Indigenous studies, urban design, and entrepreneurship. Since graduating in 2019, they have been nurturing the seeds of On The Land, where storytelling, audio technology, and a love of the land and water come together to envision Indigenous futurisms now. 


They find their joy in spending time working with their hands mending fishing nets and tanning hides, and feasting in community on traditional foods that were gathered, harvested, and grown locally. 


NASHNE [music director]

Nashne is a nomadically-based Nahua/Cahuilla/Italian vocalist/music producer. She has lived primarily in rural upstate New York.

In 2021, she completed a Bachelors in Music with Honors at Brown University. She is currently working on her debut project, to be released in the summer of 2022. 

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